Enough Staff

Hello everybody!

I think we have enough staff right now, including one-shot staff. But it seems as though people don't want to reply to post up their reviews. Really disappointing actually. Business hasn't been really good here because of the lack of advertising. Well, I just don't have time. It would be nice if someone were to apply.

There are two Halloween Gifts kindly given to us by our affies.

I am very thankful for it. And, since I make really bad graphics, what's the point of letting other people see it?

Well, now, I have a little advertising to do for SuYin. That's me.

So, there is a SuYin Secret Santa and you are free to give anything you want. It doesn't have to be SuYin related. It's just for Christmas.

SuYin Secret Santa 2010

Of course, her generosity is very much appreciated by advertising our site on the front page.

Go visit jnstr at her site. Seriously, she does amazing layouts! Though she doesn't make layouts for request but her layouts are amazing! Also, visit her challenges, Jnsterosity Challenges before you go anywhere. Please? Thank you!

What now? I'll add some things later. Maybe. I guess that's it. Do visit again and request! I'm really proud to have my graphic designers. They are really good. Check the examples in the Staffs page. In it, it includes their profile, fanfics and examples of their work, either fanfics for one-shots or artwork for posters. Do request because we have not seen ONE request for posters here at all. Thanks guys!

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