Request for reviews here! But, of course, read the rules first. You may not be eligible to apply, so do read it!


1) We are now accepting reviews of any type.

2) Please be patient and wait at the most of three weeks for your review.

3) Link us back when you receive our reviews. Remember that!

4) You MUST use our reviews, whether you have a bad or good score.

5) Write on the tag box when you have received our review. Remeber that! You will be black listed and ALL my affies will be informed.

6) Reviews for rated fanfics might be accepted.

7) We might not be able to do all reviews.

8) I might decline requests with no reason whatsoever.

9) The reviews will be sent to you by email. I do not spam so don't worry. I need a valid email address. I will require you to reply to an email I sent in 48 hours, verifying that it is a valid email. If I can't contact you with 48 hours time after I sent the email verification, then your request will be declined.

10) Tag us once you have requested.

11) To make sure have read the rules, the link is the title.

Happy requesting!

The review rubric:

Title: /5

Forwards: /5

Poster/Background/Format/Text: /15

Plot: /15

Flow: /10

Originality: /15

Spelling/Grammar: /15

Characters: /15

Overall Enjoyment/Bonus: /5

Total: /100


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