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Hello everyone! Webmistress here! I've known K-POP for only a short period of time. The first K-POP I knew was actually Big Bang. My friend let me listen to Haru Haru but my reaction wasn't that big. I was like, 'are they gay?' so that was the end of me knowing about K-POP for about half a year. Then, I got internet and after watching BOF, I was crazy for SoEul but that died. But, that helped me advance a step into knowing K-POP. This is a bit too long. So, I created this site hoping the people who request here are going to be happy and smile. I really hope so. So, request if you wish.
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I'm Kim, I'm pretty much blunt when it comes to reviewing so don't hesitate to come to me. ^^ Also take some time to check out my stories.
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Site: Review/One-shots


My name is Jennifer, but I personally like Binnie more, because it sounds cooler, and it's my Korean name made into a nickname-style. Ah yeah, I'm Korean. :) I like reviewing, because all my friends and family tell me I'm really cold-hearted, and honest when it comes to reviewing anything, and I guess that's helpful because I want to be a lawyer when I grow up. :3 I write fanfics:
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One-shot writers:

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I really like sleeping. I eat when I have nothing else better to do and I am a hopeless romantic. Basically, I'm just a normal girl. (:
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I'm a one-shot writer at BLR ( under the name, Misyel. I currently am a writer for Tell Me Your Wish (, reviewer and co-webmissie at Pixie Magic (; both under 'Star Pixie'.
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Hey, I'm Bluebird.R
During the past months, I was secret co-webbie at Moonlight Poison before it closed down. Now new owner at my personal blog where all my stories/one-shots/news are posted.
I move from site from site wanting to try different jobs to gain lots of experiences.

Now working at: Fairytale Fantasies, Tell me your wish and Layers of my heart.( Advertisers, Oneshot writers, Reviewers and Owner)
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Graphic Designers:


First of all: I'm vietnamese~ ;D My name's Bonnie. You can call me that or Midniite or Myst or ANYTHING you want to. I guess when I'm not spazzing over the latest K-Pop MV, I write, draw, IM people on AIM, and knit in my free time. :D I'm usually categorized as one of those "quiet + innocent emo-looking people" from others' first impressions. I guess you can say I'm quiet -- quiet but deadly -- but I'm far from innocent. >;D OH AND LOL, Henry is my long-lost brother. :] I play the violin + piano + have chubby-ish cheeks too. 0:]  My life consists of close friends, best buddies, cute guys, my eight hubbies, and six wifeys
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Hello! I am Samantha!  I like to make graphics and I can do almost anything. I can make sad, happy, comedy and more.  But I can't make a scrapbook type of thing ike poster if you know what I mean.  I don't have a limit for the numbers of characters either!  Oh and I have been making graphics for about almost a year so yeah!
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I've had over 3 years experience, and I've worked at probably over 20 sites, but they've all closed down or I had to quit because I was moving, working etc etc...
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I'm Orphey, and I've worked at many other sites until I dropped off the face of the design world for a few months. Since then I've done personal designs and would like to slowly get back into fanfic requests.
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i`m affy
i know im not that good with the graphic i do but i will try my best to make it for you requester~
currently i work at:
*tell me your wish
*pixie magic
*winter smile
ok thats a little bit about me~:3
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