We provide honest Reviews for your fanfic and One-shots for your needs.

We review for your fanfic as honest as we can, always aiming for you to improve. The site was originally a Review site but later expanded to a One-shot site and Graphic Request site. We are always free to make you a Review and we do it as fast as we can, usually at most, one week.

Our One-shot system is different from others. We put it in an AFF account under a different fanfic each, not compiled into one fanfic. We don't give it to you to post it up but we post it up ourselves so anyone can view it on AFF via our AFF account, Earth_Rotates. We only email you the link and you may enjoy the One-shot. Also, it is not compulsory that you present us a plot to make as we can make it up ourselves. All you need is to request, wait, read and enjoy. And, if you want, you can have a poster for the one-shot made by us too so you don't have to request twice. Either at this site or somewhere else.

Graphic Request
We make graphics according to your view. We do hope that your fanfic will be attractive and will lure many readers. We my not be a famous request site like some but we do hope we will be and we hope to help you with your fanfic. Do feel free to request!

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