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Annyoong, chingu!
We've got a new layout! Yay! I really like too. As it says, it is ft. Kim Ryeowook! He is so cute! Thank you Serena! You can find the credits in the 'credits' page. It's really calm, the colour.
I don't think there is anything else...
The Graphic Maker Application is still open since I haven't received any yet. Oh yeah, Serena is on hiatus from making layouts now. Just so you know. You can still enter her challenge. If any of you haven't, visit Artsy Asian Crew to check out their contest! If you are going to enter, good luck! This post is too plain! I have to go to tutor tomorrow so I can't stay here for long. If there is any of you Super Junior fans out therr and haven't watched KM Idol World Super Junior T, then do it now! You can find them subbed at YouTube. Here is the first episode to get you going:

See you next time!

SoEul(I decided to change my username back to my original so it doesn't cause any confusion)


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Feel free to talk, ask or anything here, except spam of course. Oh, and requesters, remember one of the rules?

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Lovely layout made by Serena at Ramifications
Thank you, Serena.
Image of the cute Ryeowook can be found and is from AsianFanatics
Great pictures there.
All the textures were from Jaded Reality
Nice texture.


Previous Layouts

Previous Layouts we have used:

1st Layout by Dorkistic Designs ft. SuYin


2nd Month anniversary

Hi guys!
I actually am I a bit lazy but today is Earth Rotates 2nd Month anniversary! Yay! I didn't really hope for this site to be open for so long. Boy, time travels fast. I made this banner(with my poor skills) for the sites 2nd month anniversary. I might make more later. I made this awesome slideshow with You guys should check it out! It's free, no registration, it's easy and it's fun! Here is the slideshow:

I was going to have the anniversary and new layout here on the same day but I didn't know how to download the html code so I am stuck here. I will just have to wait. The layout should be coming tomorrow.
Well, I guess that's all!

Reason if the name 'Earth Rotates'

Hi everyone.
I know my previous post was a bit too mean but I just had to let that all out.
Now, none of you know why I called this site, 'Earth Rotates', right? I decided to tell you. Some of you may know that I am a SuYin shipper, right? The song that made many fans crazy about them was 'Timeless', a hit single. Now, you see, Timeless, what has that got to do with Earth Rotates? It has, by my perspective. Timeless doesn't have an end to the time that goes. So, basically, it doesn't have time. Same with Earth Rotates. Time will keep on going if the Earth Rotates. You get what I mean. Time will not stop, no matter how long you think the time is going.
Maybe the name also symbolises 'longevity'
Maybe, just maybe, I will open a poster request too. I am not sure about it. I will be opening the Poster Maker Applicants. If I don't get enough, I won't be opening it. I don't know. Here are some of my works:

slideshow | Viewer

I don't have Photo Shop, as some of you see. That's why I am debating whether I should open it or not.

Also, let's welcome our new staff! I know, I don't usually welcome staff. I am sorry for all those. I just wasn't very organised at that time. I will update the staff page as soon as possible, maybe right now. Almost forgot, the person is: 2pmvietguh ! Let's welcome her with a warm applause! She will be working as a one-shot writer.

One last thing, don't get us mixed up with another site! There is a site with the exact same url as this except they don't have the 's' in the 'blogspot' We do though. After settling everything, I will go promote our site and clean up somethings.

Well, I guess that's it. Thank you everyone for applying and requesting here! Thank you everyone! We are also nearing our two month anniversary!

What we have done

I will tell you what we have done over the past one month or something. We have completed four reviews, one one-shot and having two pending one-shots. We haven't done much though. Do request and apply as staff!
I do not need experienced people. All I need, is for you to be good at grammar and spelling and do everything with your heart. I don't want one-shots that have mistakes everywhere and don't go with the flow and reviews that only give out the score, not the reason behind it. And, I am only hiring people that I can keep constant contact with. So, you will be required to reply to an email within 48 hours if you apply as staff. I get very frustrated at people who don't.
I have plenty of time on hand at the moment so we don't need a co-web. People seriously don't follow the rules. I am giving everyone a warning. If you are do request, please read the rules! How many people have I asked to tag the tag box once requested and they don't. Now, I am just going to ask you to supply a password. I have a creative mind, so the password may be something you can never guess. I might have people black listed just for not tagging the tag box and I will inform my affies. This is a warning for every single one of you. I hate to be strict but I am just saying. I think this isn't a very pleasant post. So I do hope I do not need to post something like this ever again. Thank you for your cooperation.


Request people request! I currently have nothing to do. =( I am so bored now! I need some things to! Maybe I should work on my fic, try and complete it and make an apply fic. Maybe. But for now, I am dead bored! I need something to do! *keeps banging head on table* Remember, need a one-shot or a review, come here and request!

Emo about a fanfic

Hi, you might be wondering where I am. don't worry, I won't disappear. I am just emo now. I just read a fanfic and in the end, I wasn't happy. The main didn't end up with Kibum. Oh well, luckily I didn't actually read the WHOLE story. Poor Kibum. I actually read the last chapter when I smelt something fishy. Oh, well, I can't do much about it. There isn't much Kibum and you fanfics. If there is, tell me, please. Thanks in advancd!

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