Bad Day Today

Chao, ban!

The title says it all. I had a terribly bad day today that I even cried. Yes, I cried. I'll tell you about it, to lash anger out too.

Today, my school had Athletics. I wanted try and I got a spot for Shot Put. Since my event is near the end, I had a lot of time to watch people compete. When I went into the Athletics, I only wanted to gain points for my school. But, after I watching so much people play, I got another goal. I wanted a ribbon. Even if it's last place ribbon. I got jealous of the people and yes, I did admit it and I really wanted a ribbon myself. I warmed up so much, bringing my hopes up so high that I would get at least something. It was finally my event. I couldn't wait. I pushed my Shot Put when it was my turn but in the end? I only got four meters. I didn't even get close to a ribbon and Shot Put was my only event. No more chances for me to get a ribbon. This was my last year in Primary. My hopes were crushed. I just wanted a mere ribbon to show to my Mum that I at least could do something. Even if it's last place. I will have at least a souvenir. Just a simple ribbon. All I needed but in the end I came home depressed.

It's not my fault that I can't go into any running events. If my leg weren't to hurt when I ran when I was grade three, I could have been pretty fast but too bad. My leg had to hurt every single time. My leg no longer hurts but that doesn't mean I can run fast. I din't want to cry in front of the people from my class. Even though the boys in my class won't tease me, since the whole class has a tight relationship, I don't want to be show everyone my weak side. I came home and I cried. I couldn't stop. Just a ribbon. That's all. I should've known not to raise my hopes up too high. Because when I fall, it will really hurt. I would never think to steal someone else's ribbon. I wanted a ribbon that I could earn myself. Earned with all the efforts. If someone were to give me a ribbon, I would never accept it. They earned it while I didn't.

I was so jealous of everyone. Some people got three, four, five, six ribbons while I got nothing. But I am happy that I got to meet Mr. Kean. He was my teacher when I was in grade three and he taught very well and was humorous. Just that, he went to another school to teach. Seriously, I'm not really an Athletics person myself. I like to play sport but not Athletics. I play Soccer every recess and lunch. That is a total of one and a half hours a day. In Netball, I'm good at the position of Center, which runs around a lot. But I managed it.

Sorry about making this rant really boring. Good thing is, I have managed to learn how to make GIFs'. Maybe I can open a request thing to make GIFs'. I made one and can be found at the 'Affiliates' page. These days, I am trying to make a decent layout, make a post achieve and complete editing my fanfic. I've still got along way to go. I'm watching Hana Kimi now and I would like to share it with you if you haven't watched it. Don't worry, it has Eng Subs. SUBLimes is where you can get it. I guess I have nothing else to say. I'm sure I do.

I just checked through the affies and had to remove some as they closed down. I don't mind. It's just making more room for my affies. On occasions, I just visit my affies to see if they are doing well and remove them if necessary. I guess this is all. Just a note: 'chao, ban!' mean 'hello friend' in Vietnamese. And 'xin chao ban' means just the same.

Xin chao ban!



Ni Hao, Peng You!

Ni hao, peng you!
I know, it's been long since I posted. I will try and post more. Don't worry, I am always here. So, I've got a few links to give you. I will try and open the post achieves so you know what my previous posts are if I know how to.

So, have you ever wanted a short URL? Not but something more shorter with one less letter? And, wanting to make your URL look a bit more fancy? Well, come to Kyseria! A site made by the lovely purple, also owner of the famous Artsy Asian Crew! You may have notice that purple hasn't posted so much but don't worry, she is still alive. She just told me that Kyseria was officially open. Kyseria is also our new affie. Just for you to know.

As I said in the previous post(see, I really need a post achieve), you should watch Super Junior KM Idol World. Some of you may have noticed that I am a Super Junior fan. Well, I am and I am going to promote a Super Junior subbing forum. Super Legacy subs Super Junior videos, variety shows, etc. You can download Super Junior subbed variety shows, Music Videos, etc, free of charge. They really are a help for me. In order to download the subbed videos, variety shows, etc, you must register, reply to the topic and there you go. The links there. Even if you are not a Super Junior fan, watch Super Junior Full House. I never knew Super Junior before I watched Super Junior Full House. I totally fell in love with them after. And, one more reason why you should watch it; after being a Super Junior fan, you will get jealous seeing Super Junior with Anya and Eva. So, I suggest you watch it. If you are Korean, I don't think there is a reason why you should even glance Super Legacy since you understand Korean. But actually, you can help! You can be a great help by applying as a translator! You don't need experience at all. If you are recruited, then you will be sent the information and the tutorials. Do think about what I have said!

I have opened blog where I will translate some short Vietnamese articles to English. It's in development and I haven't seen any interesting articles to translate. If I have, then I will translate it immediately but it might be a bit of a struggle since I have broken Vietnamese but the problem will be solved. I know quite a lot and I can also ask my Mum what it means. Please visit Odd News of the Four Points and support the blog! Xie xie!

We have a Facebook page where you can follow what we have been doing, etc. I haven't posted anything yet since I don't have any 'likes' and posting something would be pointless. Come visit Earth Rotates Facebook page and if you have a Facebook account, feel free to 'like' it.

I am really annoyed at how the 'Affiliate' page is looking. All the buttons after wards looks out of order. I can't seem to find the reason behind it.

Oh, and if any one of you's have been wondering, peng you means friend in Chinese and xie xie means thank you in Chinese. Not that I know Chinese. I am Chinese but I don't know Chinese. I am a failure. I learnt this at school. I really want to learn Mandarin and Cantonese, the two Chinese languages that he speaks but I don't know since he left me early. Not passed away. Just leaving me and Mum. I also want to learn Korean. High schools here suck. The only three languages they teach at high school it Spanish, French and Japanese. Only three. I don't even think I am ever going to use those languages. If they don't teach Korean, thats acceptable but I mean, Mandarin! The vast population of people around the world speak Mandarin! Think people! Enough about my ranting, because I should stop before I explode. I don't think I have forgotten anything. Oh, I am not in high school yet though.

Zai Jian!



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