Happy Holidays Everyone!

Hello guys!

Sorry, I haven't been updating frequently. Ah, I always apologise on every new blog post. So, how has everyone been? Enjoyed your Christmas? Did you get any cool pressies? My Christmas wasn't very entertaining or amusing, really. But I do hope everyone else got an awesome one. Wouldn't want to wreck or spoil people's fun, would I?

Our lovely affies took their time to make these posters. They're lovely people. Do look around and request from them if something meets your eye.

Okay! Finished! Clicking on the posters/banners should direct you to the site that made them. There isn't much to say around here on Earth Rotates. Maybe I should make a new layout? But everyone knows how I suck at them. It's Summer here where I live. How about you guys? The sky's purple and pink now and it looks lovely.

During the time I was 'away', I've done quite a lot in my own field. Satisfaction is that I feel. But now it's the holidays where I live now and sleeping in and learning is the best way to be now!

I've gathered a whole lot of SuYin fics in this list. Uh, visit when you can? Do go to AFF to post your fic and make friends. It's the fastest growing community for Asian fanfiction. Enter JNSTERosity challenges too! They're fun and you can win SNSD stickers and a KPOP CD of your choice.

I guess that's all for now. I'll try and update more. Bye bye everyone!

December 29th, 2010

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