Before you request, please read the rules first. Also, a bit of how our one-shot system works.

You fill out our form. Once sent, we send you an email to confirm that you actually exist. You then have to reply to it. If you do, then we proceed to the next step. We start on the one-shot. Once done, we will post it up in an AFF account under the name of 'Earth Rotates'. We will post the fanfics up there under the name of you being the requester. We will send you the link of the fanfic. Hows that? Any inconvenience that we have caused, then just tell us. We don't mind at all.


1) You are free to request from any other site but you must a) Do not tell us to do the the same plot as the other place you are requesting from and b) You cannot tell us to do the plot if you have not thought of it yourself but used someone else's plot. Don't worry, I read a lot of fanfics so don't fool me.

2) We do not do request for rated, yaoi or yuri fanfics. Not that we don't like them, but its because some of us might not be capable of doing it.

3) Please allow us at least three weeks to complete it. We aren't superman or anything but human.

4) Please, no bashing or spamming. Any questions? Just email us or tag the tag box.

5) We will send you an email. Please reply to it in 36 hours or your request will be denied. Sometimes we won't and we will just head straight to making the one-shot. Contact us if you feel insecure.

6) Of course you can ask when we will finish it. I know what it feels like waiting. But please don't repeatedly ask us as we may blacklist you and discontinue work on your request.

7) To make sure you have read the rules, the link for the form is the title of this.

8) Once you have requested here, please tag the tag box. I mean it! If you don't, black list is where you will go and I will have ALL my affies noted.

9) Once you have seen your one-shot, tag the tag box, please.

Thanks for requesting at our site! Hope we can meet your expectations.


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