I've decided to open this. We now have four graphic designers so it should work.

The rules:

1) You are NOT to request here if you have already requested from another site. Same if you've requested here. You cannot request again at another site.

2) There is a character limit, like every other site. We do this to increase the quality of your graphic. Only five characters allowed, with the exception of groups. But that does not mean you can request for five groups. You may only request for up to two groups but do not expect your graphic to have as good quality. Please keep the characters to a minimum.

3) I will email you within 48 hours and you need to reply. If not, I won't send anyone to work on it. If you don't receive one, please be patient as I might have sent someone to work on it but if you aren't sure, tag the tag box and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

4) No modifications on the graphics please. You must leave the credit on it. If we have done something that does not go with what you have written on the form, then tag the tag box and I will get back to you. Make sure it's OUR fault. If you did not fill in the form properly and blame us, then we won't do anything about it. You may request a copy of the form you sent in if you wish.

5) You must credit in either the forward or a chapter. You must make sure it's visible and you need to credit the designer and the site. Please, a link, not just simply Earth Rotates. Unless, if you click on the link and it redirects to Earth Rotates.

6) Please give us a maximum of three weeks to complete your request. I'll make sure my staff gets it done by that time. If you don't receive your request by that time, tag the tag box and I will get to you. Please make sure that you've got the date right.

7) The link of the request form is the title of this.

8) You may cancel your graphic but within a week unless the graphic is done by then. I don't want my staff hurt if they've nearly completed the graphic and you cancel it.

9) You MUST tag the tag box once you've finished requesting. If you don't, I will make you tag it before anyone works on your graphic.

10) Most importantly, enjoy your day and smile! Yes, this is a rule. So, smile and you will instantly be cheerful, as well as they people around you.

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