We Need Staff!

Hi, everyone!

Well, if my staff know, I have sent them an email, telling them to reply in order to continue being staff. It's been three days, the time I allowed them, and I only have four staff left, excluding me. So, we're lacking staff right now, not that we have any reviews and one-shots to do. We need request! And two of our only reviewers are seriously busy with school work and may only help some time. This is my school holidays so I can enjoy the time but once it ends, I need way more staff. Actually, I need staff now! Also, we really need Advertisers. It's okay if you're not experienced. I just need staff!

Before we go on, I want to thank jnster for advertising our site. So, I'm going to link you to her challenge. Don't forget to enter! I entered but I don't think I did well. I have such bad artwork. So, enter her challenge! Remember! It's fun! Jnsterosity Challenges!

I need about one or two more graphic designers so I can officially open the Graphic Request but since I only have one staff for it, it's impossible. For this, I have to say, yo need to be experienced. It doesn't really matter what program you use. As long as you are able to create graphics that don't look like they are made in Paint and you are able to successfully cut around the edges of a person then you are qualified. Well, there this skill I'm trying to acquire but I still haven't though that is the only thing you need to be able to do(besides knowing how to make the poster).

For reviewer, you really don't need experience. All you need to know it what a review is and how to make one. Always remember, when making a review for Earth Rotates, that you make a review for them to improve. It's always improve! And, you need to use our template provided in the Review Request.

One-shot writers need good punctuation, grammar and spelling. And creativity too. And, if you are unable to work, then don't apply. I only need people who are willing to work, under pressure if necessary but that won't happen.

So, feel free to request and apply! i can still work it our between the staff I have now so request! Or I might as well close Earth Rotates. I don't want to and I never thought that I would but I might have too. 

The reason I contacted my staff and make them reply is because when there was a review to be done, I asked one of my staff and she didn't reply. So I got suspicious and cautious so here I am now. Give us a chance to serve you guys!

Thank you.


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