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I will tell you what we have done over the past one month or something. We have completed four reviews, one one-shot and having two pending one-shots. We haven't done much though. Do request and apply as staff!
I do not need experienced people. All I need, is for you to be good at grammar and spelling and do everything with your heart. I don't want one-shots that have mistakes everywhere and don't go with the flow and reviews that only give out the score, not the reason behind it. And, I am only hiring people that I can keep constant contact with. So, you will be required to reply to an email within 48 hours if you apply as staff. I get very frustrated at people who don't.
I have plenty of time on hand at the moment so we don't need a co-web. People seriously don't follow the rules. I am giving everyone a warning. If you are do request, please read the rules! How many people have I asked to tag the tag box once requested and they don't. Now, I am just going to ask you to supply a password. I have a creative mind, so the password may be something you can never guess. I might have people black listed just for not tagging the tag box and I will inform my affies. This is a warning for every single one of you. I hate to be strict but I am just saying. I think this isn't a very pleasant post. So I do hope I do not need to post something like this ever again. Thank you for your cooperation.

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