Reason if the name 'Earth Rotates'

Hi everyone.
I know my previous post was a bit too mean but I just had to let that all out.
Now, none of you know why I called this site, 'Earth Rotates', right? I decided to tell you. Some of you may know that I am a SuYin shipper, right? The song that made many fans crazy about them was 'Timeless', a hit single. Now, you see, Timeless, what has that got to do with Earth Rotates? It has, by my perspective. Timeless doesn't have an end to the time that goes. So, basically, it doesn't have time. Same with Earth Rotates. Time will keep on going if the Earth Rotates. You get what I mean. Time will not stop, no matter how long you think the time is going.
Maybe the name also symbolises 'longevity'
Maybe, just maybe, I will open a poster request too. I am not sure about it. I will be opening the Poster Maker Applicants. If I don't get enough, I won't be opening it. I don't know. Here are some of my works:

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I don't have Photo Shop, as some of you see. That's why I am debating whether I should open it or not.

Also, let's welcome our new staff! I know, I don't usually welcome staff. I am sorry for all those. I just wasn't very organised at that time. I will update the staff page as soon as possible, maybe right now. Almost forgot, the person is: 2pmvietguh ! Let's welcome her with a warm applause! She will be working as a one-shot writer.

One last thing, don't get us mixed up with another site! There is a site with the exact same url as this except they don't have the 's' in the 'blogspot' We do though. After settling everything, I will go promote our site and clean up somethings.

Well, I guess that's it. Thank you everyone for applying and requesting here! Thank you everyone! We are also nearing our two month anniversary!

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