New Layout

Annyoong, chingu!
We've got a new layout! Yay! I really like too. As it says, it is ft. Kim Ryeowook! He is so cute! Thank you Serena! You can find the credits in the 'credits' page. It's really calm, the colour.
I don't think there is anything else...
The Graphic Maker Application is still open since I haven't received any yet. Oh yeah, Serena is on hiatus from making layouts now. Just so you know. You can still enter her challenge. If any of you haven't, visit Artsy Asian Crew to check out their contest! If you are going to enter, good luck! This post is too plain! I have to go to tutor tomorrow so I can't stay here for long. If there is any of you Super Junior fans out therr and haven't watched KM Idol World Super Junior T, then do it now! You can find them subbed at YouTube. Here is the first episode to get you going:

See you next time!

SoEul(I decided to change my username back to my original so it doesn't cause any confusion)


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