Poll for 'How Did You Find Earth Rotates?' results

I would like to thank everyone who voted on the poll. Thanks! Without you, the poll would have been empty. I can't thank all of you's individually because of obvious reasons, but I am so very grateful for all your voting.

Now for the results:

Through affies: 10 (58%)

Asians Fan Fics: 4 (23%)

Navbar: 0 (0%)

Other: 3 (17%)

Thanks again to everyone that voted.
This proves, the more active I am at affies, then I would get more visitors. Asian Fan Fics (http://www.asianfanfics.com/) also added a part to the community. Navbar is in, when you are pressing 'Next blog' on the NavBar on the top of the blog, then you might be directed to this blog. Seems like luck wasn't on my side. LOL. In others, there were a couple of votes but I can't be sure whether what it was that the voters choose especially.


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