Maybe a Black Lister

I have looked over a fanfic that I gave a review to and it wasn't there. That person moved from winglin to AFF. I looked at it and found nothing. Not a review.
I am angry but I cannot be sure that this person is doing this on purpose or just an accident. It happens to be one of our staff members too.
I will look further into the problem and see. I don't think there is any reason for that person not to post it up. They may have posted their story on AFF and Winglin at the same time but that doesn't mean they don't need to post it up on AFF. I emailed that person the review so they should have it in an email of they lose it. They can always ask me for another copy. It doesn't hurt to. I haven't moved to a new site or anything so why?
Within a week, if this person doesn't reply to me on AFF then I will go to emailing them. This time, I will only give them a couple of days. If that person doesn't post it up or contact me, then that person will go on the black list, also letting me contact all my affies about it. I will not disclose any further infomation yet but if this has no progress, then I will put that person on the black list.

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